General management

Agile and very international, Citelum has opted for a short and close to the field decision-making process.


Consultative and decision-making body, on Citelum’s major positionings and its working process.
The executive Committee sets the Group’s objectives in terms of Strategy, Health and Safety, Commercial Development, Ethics, Management, Innovation, Human Resources, Legal, Communication, and controls their implementation.
The Executive Committee is comprised of:

  • Mrs Carmen Munoz-Dormoy, CEO;
  • Mr Jean-Daniel Le Gall, Deputy General Manager;
  • Mrs Adja Ba, VP Human Resources;
  • Mr Grégoire de Chammard, CFO;
  • Mr Xavier de Charentenay, Technical VP / Asia-Pacific;
  • Mr Laurent Clément, VP Europe;
  • Mr Ricard Ivern, Director North America;
  • Mr Olivier Meyrueis, Director South America.


The Steering Committee is a think tank and information-sharing body. It contributes to the cross-functional projects that are of strategic importance and needed to achieve the objectives set and validated by the Executive Committee.
The Steering Committee is comprised of:

  • 8 members of the Executive Committee;
  • Health and Safety Director;
  • Communication Director;
  • Legal Director;
  • Audit and Risks Director;
  • Director – France;
  • Director – Italy;
  • Director – Spain;