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A new dynamic and economical artistic lighting with Citelum

The illumination of the fountain of Monseigneur-Tissier square in Châlons-en-Champagne was designed to reduce the city’s energy bill and to secure the installation.

Citelum embellishes Sète safely

Citelum has just illuminated the Pouffre Fountain, in the Léon Blum square, after having renovated the installation in place.

Citelum is back in the Santiago Province

Citelum has just won Maipú’s contract, one of the largest cities in the country.

Citelum illuminates Santo Antônio Fort

Santo Antônio Fort in São Luís in the Maranhão State has joined the list of Citelum Brazil’s artistic lighting references.

Citelum connects the city for better air quality

As part of the creation of the AirLab, Citelum will be testing a connected urban street furniture prototype that measures mobility in real time.

Citelum and Lucibel – commercial partners in innovative lighting

Driven by the technical and commercial synergies between them, the two companies have decided to join forces so as to jointly respond to calls for tenders in the fields of indoor lighting and public lighting based on energy performance and LiFi communication.