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Energy savings

Reducing the energy bill is a top priority for cities. Citelum makes lighting smart and allows energy savings up to 80%.

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Urban attractiveness

Showcasing monuments and architectural heritage. Citelum offers cities a new attractiveness with artistic lighting.

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Light is a source of security. In addition to an adapted lighting, Citelum has created associated services to make cities a safer place.

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Traffic jams and the unavailability of parking spaces impact the quality of air and the citizens' well-being. Citelum improves traffic flows, makes travels safer and supports electric mobility.

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Communication / Information

Communication devices are evolving. To connect between all players, Citelum implements new connected services.

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Sustainable development

Global warming concerns everybody. Citelum renovates lighting to save energy and uses long-lasting materials for equipment.

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Citelum’s presentation

Discover Citelum's expertise in street lighting, traffic management and new associated connected services.

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Our services

Platform MUSE®

Managing urban events, connecting, analyzing, anticipating and saving

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Master Plan

Designing the city's lighting map and adapting it to its needs

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Artistic lighting

Enhancing heritage and the architecture via innovative and sustainable technologies

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Video protection

Reinforcing inhabitants and cities’ infrastructures security

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Traffic light system

Improving cities traffic flow and reducing CO2 emissions

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Smart lighting

Making street lighting the starting point of the smart city

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