Célébration Equipe

Our commitments

Citelum is committed to its employees, its partners, its clients and the civil society to carry out its activity respecting laws, safety, sustainable development and the principles of ethics and compliance.

Citelum social responsibility

Since December 16th, 2016, Citelum has embraced EDF Group’s corporate social responsibility agreement.

By signing this agreement, Citelum commits to:

  • Respecting human rights
    Citelum follows the protection and human rights defense international commitments of the United Nations in all the countries the Group has an activity.
  • Guarantying the health and safety of its employees in the workplace
    Citelum considers the safety of its employees and subcontractors a priority and implements the required policies and programs to protect them. Citelum favors a safe working place and values its teams’ training.
  • Fighting against discriminations
    Citelum fights against any kind of discrimination be it for the recruitment of new employees or the daily management of its teams and its activities and takes actions for equal treatment between men and women*.
  • Having ethical relationships with employees, providers, subcontractors
    Citelum surrounds itself with partners with the same level of commitment regarding respecting human rights, safety, ethics and fighting against discriminations and climate change.
  • Preserving the environment
    Citelum offers a full range of connected services associated to smart lighting to reduce its clients’ energy expenditures and carbon footprints. Citelum is certified ISO 14001 and constantly innovates to implement new devices and processes to fight against climate change and raise awareness among its employees.

2018 EDF CSR Agreement_EN

*In 2021 in France, Citelum scored 88/100 in the gender equity index created under the law “Freedom to choose one’s professional future”.

Ethics and Compliance

In all its activities and with all its clients, its partners, its contractors and its employees, Citelum guarantees abiding by the national and international laws.

To reinforce its action and guide its employees in alignment with the EDF Group, Citelum has adopted an Ethics and Compliance policy and a charter. Citelum and its employees must also favor ethics and compliance in their daily actions and under all conditions.
Ethics and compliance are a major axis in the development of Citelum which is committed to abide by the fight against corruption and competition laws in the most rigorous manner.



Citelum’s employees share the 3 EDF Group’s values:

  • Respect: of individuals, laws, commitments
  • Responsibility: towards employees, clients, partners, citizens
  • Solidarity: with each other, in critical situations

And 3 others that are their own:

  • Safety: of teams, citizens, infrastructure
  • Commitment: towards the company, clients’ needs, quality of service
  • Team spirit: working together to achieve a common goal