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1. Legal information

The Site provides information about the Citelum company and its subsidiaries.

This Site is the property of, and is published by, Citelum, a French stock corporation (Société Anonyme), capitalized at €16,015,405 and entered in the Nanterre Commercial and Companies Register under No. 389 643 859.

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Website Manager: Mr Jean-Daniel Le Gall, CEO Citelum

The Site is hosted by: Greenshift, 9, rue Campagne Première, 75014 Paris, France.

2. Disclaimer

2.1. The information on this Site is indicative and provided for information only. The Site may also contain inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Therefore Citelum and its subsidiaries, their management, and their employees cannot warrant that the information on this Site is accurate, complete, or current.

The Site is regularly revised and updated. Citelum reserves the right to make any amendment, correction, or change at any time.

Citelum and its subsidiaries disclaim all liability for direct or indirect loss, damage, or injury that may result from accessing or using the Site, including, without limitation, unavailability, lost data, lost profits, fraudulent intrusions by third parties changing the information provided on the Site, and/or the presence of viruses on the Site or associated with the use or operation of this Site and its contents.

Any dated information published on the Site is valid for the specified date only.

2.2. The Site allows access (via links, advertising banners, and other media) to other sites, which may or may not belong to Citelum subsidiaries and may have Legal Notices of their own. These notices should be read and observed.

Such sites are independent from this Site, which belongs to Citelum.

Links to these sites do not imply that Citelum approves, validates, agrees with, or endorses the sites’ content, or that there is any association between Citelum and the owners, authors, designers, or hosts of these sites.

Therefore, Citelum disclaims any liability for the content, products, services, advertising, cookies, changes, updates, or any other aspects of these sites, as well as for all loss or damage, whether actual or alleged, consequent upon or related to the use of the information, services or data available on these sites.

2.3. Citelum is not liable for the hypertext links that lead to this Site, and forbids any establishment of hypertext links to this Site without Citelum’s express prior written consent. Requests should be addressed to the Website Manager.

2.4. Brands and marks, product names, service names, domain names, and names of other companies appearing on this Site are wholly and entirely the property of their respective holders.

The appearance of links, brands, marks, names, services, domain names, and names of other companies does not imply the existence of any association whatsoever between Citelum or its subsidiaries and these companies, products or services, brands, marks, or names.

2.5. This Site distributes, in the form of videos or articles, first-hand accounts, analyses, graphics, interviews, and reports in compliance with copyright (image rights and author’s rights) as described in Item 3 of this Legal Notice. The authors alone, and not Citelum, are responsible for the content of these videos and articles.

3. Image rights and author’s rights

Any person whose image and/or words are used on this Site as part of first-hand accounts, analyses, graphics, interviews, or reports, has been informed in advance that his or her image and/or words will be used, and has given his or her prior express written consent to Citelum for any type of medium.

4. Protected rights

This Site is governed in full by French laws on copyright (author’s rights), trademark rights, and intellectual property in general. The constituent elements of this Site (the “Content”) are the property of Citelum and/or its subsidiaries and/or its technical service providers. Citelum does not grant any license for use or any right other than the right to visit this Site. The Content is protected by applicable legislation on copyright (author’s rights), trademark rights, registered design and utility model rights, and unfair competition.

The Content includes, but is not limited to: the Site’s architecture, text, photographs, illustrations, software, overall graphic design (including colors, type fonts, and screen layout), images, databases, sound elements, fixed or animated graphics, downloadable programs, and in general, all information and other components available on the Site.

The Citelum marks and logos and/or those of its subsidiaries that appear on the Site are registered marks and logos.

Under Article L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, any presentation, reproduction, distribution, and/or exploitation of all or part of the Content, marks or logos, in any medium, in any form, and for any purpose whatsoever, is prohibited without prior express written authorization from Citelum. Anyone who fails to comply with the applicable laws is liable for infringement and is subject to the penalties under Articles L.335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

If a user wishes to use parts of the Content of the Site (text, images, etc.), prior express written authorization must be obtained from Citelum by writing to the following address:
Communication Department
Tour Pacific 11-13 Cours Valmy
92977 Paris La Défense Cedex

In any event, even after prior express written authorization has been obtained from Citelum, any reproduction, distribution and/or exploitation of all or part of the Content, marks or logos must clearly indicate the source: “Credit/Source: Citelum,” as well as the author’s name where applicable.

5. Protection of privacy – Collection and use of personal data

Citelum never requires users to provide personal information (name, address, e-mail, profession, etc.). However, users may be asked to provide certain personal information, particularly if they wish to receive certain data or documents.

Personal information or data furnished by users must be accurate, lawful, and without harm to the interests of others.

Personal data communicated to Citelum are intended solely for use by Citelum, which is responsible for its processing and storage. These data will not be communicated to third parties, except for third parties who host the Site or are involved in its Content or management. These third parties are required to keep the data confidential, and may not in any case use it for any purpose other than the operation or management of the Site.

Citelum will take every reasonable measure within its power to maintain the confidentiality of these personal data, that is to say for a period of three years at the end of our relationship, then are archived in order to meet our legal obligations or for probationary purposes or are anonymized at for studies and statistics.

The database containing these personal data complies rigorously with Decision 2006-138 of May 9, 2006 of the CNIL (the French National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties) on the exemption from notification of processing for purposes of information and communication with third parties (notification exemption decision No. 7). Citelum is therefore exempted from notifying the CNIL when the data are processed.

Nevertheless, under French Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on information technology, files, and civil liberties, as amended, users have a right to access, correct, and refuse the use of their personal data. To exercise this right at any time, please send a letter to:
Communication Department
Tour Pacific 11-13 Cours Valmy
92977 Paris La Défense Cedex

The data will be revised or deleted as soon as possible after your request is received.

Likewise, you may cancel any subscription to the newsletter and email information services by sending a letter to the above address, or by following the instructions provided on the Site.

Citelum would like to call your attention to the fact that our servers may record some information that is not considered personal data, and that does not allow you to be identified, such as the browser you are using, your IP address, etc.

Please note also that connecting to a Web server has the effect of sending a small quantity of data to your browser, which will be stored on your computer’s hard disk. These are “cookies,” which record information about your computer’s navigation through the Site (pages visited, date and time of the visit, etc.) that Citelum and/or its technical service providers may read when you visit again.

Your browser has a function that allows you to refuse cookies (for specific instructions, see the CNIL website). Refusing cookies will not prevent you from connecting to our Site, but it may make pages slower to load.


The original French document is the controlling version of this instrument. This English translation is provided for information purposes only. For further details, consult a qualified legal professional.