MUSE® the urban space management platform (by Citégestion)

Easily locate your equipment, plan your operations and draw on reliable monitoring indicators

Familiarity with your urban heritage

Towns generally incorporate a wide and varied range of urban electrical infrastructures and having access to a platform that lists all such equipment will enable them to monitor their operational status in real time and to manage the finer aspects of the corresponding maintenance operations.

Thanks to the collaborative urban space management platform Muse® developed by the teams at Citégestion, Citelum’s subsidiary, towns can now list all of their connected equipment and manage operations undertaken by different service providers with the greatest of transparency.

MUSE®: a decision-making support platform

Towns record all of their installations using MUSE® and validate the functionalities to be configured, such as lighting up and turning lights on remotely, with Citégestion.
The various players concerned will then be trained in using the tool and each will have the ability to monitor the progress of any operations undertaken, as well as the tasks entrusted to them, in real time.
MUSE® also enables towns to analyze the data generated by the various equipment installed and identify avenues for improving its energy performance.


  • Helps towns make decisions that will improve their energy performance
  • Better planning of maintenance operations and reduction in costs
  • Turns lights on/off remotely

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