Energy savings

Renovating the lighting and reducing the energy bill

The upgrade and renovation of a street, an indoor or an industrial lighting are cities, companies and industries first levers in order to achieve significant energy savings.

Indeed, a 100% renovated lighting with LED technology, with a lower consumption and maintenance costs, can produce up to 80% energy savings compared to former installations.

Connected solutions including remote management, power dimming and a maintenance cycles optimized management also contribute to controlling equipment consumption.

Beside reducing the energy bill, a renovation project also has a positive impact on the environment, with a noticeable decrease of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Financing new projects for citizens and employees

The profits made thanks to a renovated lighting can be reinvested to finance projects with the aim to improve citizens quality of life and employees work environment.

Many connected services that enable to strengthen people and infrastructures safety, improve traffic flow and increase public and private places attractiveness can thus be combined to an optimized lighting.

Citelum tailors each project to its clients’ budget constraints and offers financing solutions to facilitate the start of work start and its completion.


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Citelum renovated 18,800 lights with LED in the Danish capital and implemented a remote management system to halve the city’s energy bill, reduce its CO2 emissions and supports its carbon neutrality goal for 2025.

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