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Usine intérieur / Factory indoor

Reduce energy expenses, secure sites, optimize competitivity

Lighting renovation: a first step towards a site energy transition

Today, industries are facing many challenges: improving competitivity, managing budget, securing processes while optimizing the quality of their employees working conditions.

Lighting has a fundamental role; it contributes to lower operation costs, improve visibility and thus has a positive impact on productivity and working comfort.
A modern, efficient, and correctly sized lighting needs to have low maintenance costs to limit regular running costs.

Citelum designs lighting for renovation and new buildings alike, according to each client needs, industrial challenges that arise (hallways and production lines, workshops, traffic, etc.) and prescriptive and regulatory circumstances.

Citelum has developed sustainable solutions that guarantee many savings:

  • environmental
  • social
  • financial (on the energy and maintenance bill)
  • productivity

Well aware of its clients’ challenges and constrains, Citelum also offers innovative and adapted financing solutions, enabling the best ROI times of the sector.

Connected services associated to smart lighting

Citelum has developed a whole range of connected services in the trades of high and low voltage to facilitate the management of a building, secure premises and individuals even more and boost people’s well-being.

According to each of its clients’ needs, Citelum designs a tailor-made project with solutions including:

  • videoprotection: reinforcement of individuals, premises, exterior and activity area safety;
  • electric vehicles charging points: promotion of green mobility and support of the emergence of non-polluting vehicles;
  • Li-Fi: secured communication solution dedicated to people, an alternative to Wi-Fi;
  • air quality and noise sensors: data on the ambient air quality and noise pollution to implement the required corrective actions;
  • electric engineering, from studies to achievement, from transformation station to the final equipment;
  • digital platform MUSE® by Citégestion, Citelum subsidiary: management of installations and review of their performance.

Citelum commits all along each of its clients’ projects and audits the buildings, carries out the works, measures the results and maintains the equipment.

Worldwide industrial, tertiary, hospitality and retail players have already chosen Citelum:

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