Upgrade of equipment

Renovating or renewing some of its electrical equipment can prove to be a breeding ground for energy savings, the example of lighting is a perfect illustration of this.

In addition to consuming energy, old installations can sometimes generate dangerous situations. Checking the proper functioning of its infrastructure and replacing them if necessary is a pledge to reach more sustainable activities and better well-being for employees.
Today, the 12464-1 and 12464-2 standards define very specific criteria in terms of lighting and people’s well-being that older facilities do not meet most of the time. Updating its equipment thus makes it possible to respond to health challenges and to comply with new regulations.

Renovating facilities also enables a company to make significant savings.

Renewal and renovation of electrical installations

Many electrical installations can benefit from a renewal or a total renovation. From lighting that has become inefficient or consumes a lot of energy, to high current equipment such as wired mounted cabinets: everything can be upgraded.

Depending on the situation and the companies’ requirements, only part of the equipment may need to be renewed. The needs are also very different depending on the activity or the nature of the building. A logistics site will not have the same constraints and renovation objectives as a production site or an office.

Contacting a professional such as Citelum, who is familiar with HSEQ regulatory obligations and the latest available technologies, is therefore key to provide the best solutions in order to better contain your energy bill and to have new services that offer comfort, safety and well-being at the workplace.