Guarantee the safety of premises and people

The safety needs of professional premises can be very diverse. Ensuring the safety of individuals is not done in the same way for office activities as for those carried out in a workshop or in a factory. Likewise, the safety equipment intended for employees differs whether they are people who move around a site or employees who welcome visitors.
Regardless of the field of activity, safety is an essential part to be taken into account in companies’ HSEQ policy.

To best respond to all safety issues and offer the most adapted solutions, a precise analysis of the needs of sites and employees may be necessary. The safety of teams and of their workspaces depends above all on the layout of the premises and therefore on the strategies adopted in terms of safety equipment.

A wide variety of solutions to secure your installations

Depending on the situations and issues of a company, the solutions for securing premises and reassure employees can widely differ: lighting, smoke detectors, anti-intrusion equipment, traffic control systems, patient calls systems, video protection…

The perfect knowledge of equipment, electrical, IT and telecom networks, as well as their interconnection with a central pilot station, is decisive and key in their right implementation.

Lighting installations are one of the essentials of any securing of premises.
The installation of indoor and outdoor lighting with detection sensors can help to reassure employees leaving or arriving on a site, but also to discourage people who are not authorized to enter the site.

Fire start detectors are also essential to protect people and equipment, as they allow an immediate reaction in the event of a fire. While they are not always mandatory, they offer a certain amount of tranquility and limit the risk of destruction of the building.

Anti-intrusion equipment, such as alarm systems, can help better maintain the integrity of premises and prevent theft or damage to an office or a factory. Easy to install, they are especially popular on very large sites, or on places that house valuable goods or expensive equipment.

Equipment that regulates the movement of vehicles and visitors of a production site or an office entrance can moderate visitor movements. Thanks to them, only authorized employees and visitors are admitted, which ensures both the safety of goods and people and the confidentiality of the premises.

Video protection, on the other hand, allows to keep an eye on an entire site. Entrances and infrastructure are better protected. This device also ensures constant safety, even with a limited number of security guards.