Well-being at work

Ensuring good working conditions

Whether they work in an office, in production or in logistics, the employees of a company should benefit from a framework and working conditions that guarantee them optimal comfort.

Several elements are taken into account in the creation of such an environment. One of the main criteria for comfort is lighting. Indeed, a correctly lit workstation offers many advantages. Its main asset is to preserve the visual well-being of employees. Thanks to a suitable lighting, employees are more attentive and can carry out their missions more easily.

To allow employees to work in the best conditions, the company can be advised by a lighting specialist.

Various solutions regarding well-being in the workplace

The equipment must be adapted according to the professional sectors and the needs of the employees. Computer scientists or accountants who work in front of a screen, do not need the same brightness as operators who assemble parts in factories. Premises that welcome visitors also have specific issues.

Lighting requirements can vary according to business. In terms of comfort at work, each company has its own needs and can respond to them through different means, regardless of the concerned spaces. Circadian lighting, smart lighting, detection of movement, heat and light level, astronomical clock, lamps with timer switches… There is a solution for every situation, every company and every use.

Choosing the right equipment is as important as installing it in the right places. It is the reason why a detailed study of the needs of the site and its different areas is necessary before any installation.
In addition, to meet the HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) requirements of companies, lighting equipment need to be installed in compliance with the standards related to lighting: standard 12464-1 and standard 12464-2.

The company’s commitments in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy can also be decisive in the choice of a lighting infrastructure that ensure both well-being and energy savings.