A citizen project in Montceau-les-Mines

14 January 2021

In Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (East of France), Citelum gets for 8 years the global public performance contract for the street and related sports lighting installations, the end-of-year illuminations, the enhancement of heritage as well as the dynamic management of parking lots and the CCTV.

This contract will contribute to reinforce the attractivity of the city thanks to the renovation of 4,000 lighting points and the artistic lighting of many remarkable monuments (the Lavoir des Chavannes, the City Hall, the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Church…).

​Note, a new technological innovation will be used to illuminate the Lavoir des Chavannes. It is an energy production solution created from a micro-solar power plant coupled to a hydrogen generator (produced in collaboration with EDF ENR, Sirea, Mahytec and H2SYS).
​Thus, nearly 72% of energy savings will be achieved. In addition, our teams are committed to achieving a less than 1% failure rate.

The strength of this contract also lies in the fact that Citelum took the initiative to base the lighting renovation on the inhabitants’ opinion. It then enabled to conceive a lighting master plan which highlights the public space and really meets the citizens’ needs and the specificities of the city.

This brand-new lighting will help preserve the environment and its biodiversity since it will be designed to reduce light pollution, especially around waterways, by dimming the light intensity and by creating a black belt. The city will thus be able to renew and consolidate its “Villes et villages étoilés” label, which enhances cities’ actions aimed to improve the night environment.