A comprehensive and smart renovation project in Spain

06 July 2017

A comprehensive and smart renovation project in Spain

Citelum is modernizing Illescas’ lighting in the province of Toledo.

Citelum will replace the 7,840 lighting points of Illescas with LED lamps.

This technology will enable the city to: offer an adapted lighting to inhabitants, reduce the power in use by 70%, achieve energy savings and adapt better the light to the environment.

On the 2 mains avenues of Illescas, the masts will be also renovated and around 200 decorative lamps will be installed.

The teams will also modernize the control cabinets and will only reinstall 58 out of the 132 original cabinets. They will all be equipped with a remote-control system.

Smart solutions

The remote-control system in the control cabinets will be used to review the functioning of the lighting park, keep track of the consumption and detect potential breakdowns.

Regarding lighting points, around 1,054 will be equipped with a point-to-point control system.

Lastly, Citelum will implement 89 candelabras on which connected services like Wi-Fi can be incorporated.