A new reference in India

Eclairage public sur une route à Noida, Inde / Street lighting on a road in Noida, India
10 December 2018

A new reference in India

Citelum, in partnership with Tata Projects Ltd., will renovate the street lighting infrastructures of Noida City, located in the southeast of New Delhi.

Citelum teams will replace 74,000 lighting points with new LED lights, install 24,500 nodes to collect information from the street lighting and upgrade the 1,950 current panels with a centrally controlling and monitoring system. They will also operate and maintain these infrastructures during the 8 years of the contract.

Tata Projects Ltd will be in charge of financing and supervising the project while providing the necessary materials including the LED lights and smart lighting devices.

The renovation works will enable the city to lower the energy consumption of the lighting infrastructures and thus achieve substantial savings.

Citelum is also currently managing other lighting contracts in the country. In Ahmedabad for example, the Indian teams are already maintaining the city 178,000 lighting points and upgraded more than 100,000 of them to LED technology.