Cali draped in light for its anniversary celebrations

09 March 2016

Cali draped in light for its anniversary celebrations

The 2.5 million inhabitants of Cali (officially Santiago de Cali) celebrated the anniversary date of their city thanks to the illuminations provided by Citelum. This contract with the 3rd largest city in Colombia provides Citelum with its first major reference in the country and increases its presence in the Americas.

The Corfecali corporation, responsible for events and festivities in Cali, entrusted Citelum with the artistic lighting of the city’s monuments.
The works began with the illumination of the Statue of Christ the King, the Three Crosses, the Bridge of Spain, and the Coltabaco building for the anniversary of the foundation of the city.

In total 15 monuments have been illuminated thanks to LED technology amounting to a total of €1,140,000.

Citelum carried out a prior study of each building in order to emphasize the specific characteristics of the different architectures and to give each space a specific lighting identity.

Making the city more attractive

This artistic lighting project goes beyond the annual celebration of Cali. Like other cities before it, Cali wants to enhance its cultural heritage and develop tourism in the Valle del Cauca department. These illuminations are part of a special management and protection plan for the historical center of the city which aims to enhance its reputation while preserving its architectural heritage.

With this magnificent project , Citelum demonstrates once again its quality and expertise in the field of artistic lighting.