Nominations: Jean-Daniel Le Gall becomes CEO of Citelum and Nicolas Machtou chair the Board of Directors

08 June 2020

Since May 25, 2020 and on the nomination of the Board of Directors, Jean-Daniel Le Gall has taken over the general management of Citelum, the lighting and connected services subsidiary of the EDF group, and Nicolas Machtou takes the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Jean-Daniel Le Gall was born in December 1966 and graduated from the International Business School of Paris (ISG). He began his career in strategy consulting and joined Citelum a year after its creation, in 1994.
In charge of the General Secretariat and then of Strategy, he then took on operational functions as Director of France and Director of Europe.
Since 2015, he has been Deputy General Manager of the Citelum group.
He takes over from Carmen Munoz-Dormoy who has been called to other positions within the EDF group.

Nicolas Machtou, born in September 1975, graduated with a DEA in public economics and from the School of Public Policy and International Business at Columbia University in New York.
He began his career alongside Marisol Touraine, Member of French Parliament between 1998 and 2000 and was then commissioned to the general secretariat of Vivendi between 2000 and 2001. In 2003, he was appointed consultant to the studies department of the International Energy Agency and joined the CRE (Energy Regulatory Commission) in 2004 as project manager to the director general. In 2006, he was recruited by RTE (Electricity Transport Network), in which he exercised various strategic and operational responsibilities. Appointed technical advisor “energy, environment” in the cabinet of French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault in 2012, then referendum advisor to the court of auditors in 2014, he joined the cabinet of French President François Hollande in October 2015, as advisor “Energy, sustainable development, transport, housing and the city”.
He was deputy director of Enedis, member of the Comex, in charge of the Paris region since 2017. He succeeds Frédéric Busin as chairman of the Citelum Board of Directors.

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