Citelum and Kawantech, partners in mobility and dynamic lighting for smart cities

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22 May 2018

Citelum and Kawantech, partners in mobility and dynamic lighting for smart cities

Citelum, EDF Group lighting and connected services subsidiary, and Kawantech, a company specialized in smart connected sensors, have signed a partnership agreement to develop innovative offers to answer cities’ new needs of mobility.

Building on their technical and business complementarity, the two companies have decided to position their partnership around the design and the operation of smart parking solutions enabling to significantly reduce congestion in cities, the commute times and the environmental impact of urban travels.

The partnership has already become a reality in Toulouse where Citelum and Kawantech have installed 600 lighting points incorporating an optical sensor which automatically adapts the luminosity according to the type of mobilities in the street: pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles… Today, the device is also tested to spot available parking spaces near lighting. Eventually, a smartphone app and connected variable message signs will enable citizens to benefit from real-time information and contribute to reduce traffic in the city.

The solution, a first in France, is part of the program “City of tomorrow – part 2“ financed by the French Caisse des dépôts et consignations (Deposits and Consignments Fund). As the parking problematic is becoming key for metropolis worldwide, the device could rapidly interest many cities concerned by their citizens’ quality of life.

Regarding the project deployed in Toulouse, Mr. Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse and President of Toulouse Métropole, declared:

“Toulouse is proud to count on the audacity of Toulouse start-up Kawantech and of Citelum to build a cutting-edge Smart City. Thanks to this partnership, Citelum gets the best of Toulouse innovation, and Kawantech spreads its wings. We are happy to have invested in smart street lighting with Kawantech, pioneer and cornerstone of this smart parking device.”

Carmen Munoz-Dormoy, Citelum CEO, stated:

“Citelum is very happy to count Kawantech as one of its technological partners of its innovation ecosystem. As of today, this partnership enables us to answer the city of Toulouse ambitious project consisting in having an ultra-economical connected lighting and a smart parking space management system. Implementing the best technologies to support a coherent and citizen-oriented project, this is our vision of the smart and sustainable city.”

Yves Le Henaff, Kawantech Founder and CEO said:

“Modernizing and digitalizing the urban infrastructure is a daunted task. Out of range for a startup. The true smart city is not related to technology; it mainly lies in the ability of the incumbent actors that have built its infrastructure to converge and share a coherent common trajectory. Toulouse Métropole and Citelum have understood this clearly and have given it the realism and the relevance that enable a startup like Kawantech to create useful products and not concepts.”