Citelum and Lucibel – commercial partners in innovative lighting

14 September 2017

Citelum and Lucibel – commercial partners in innovative lighting

CITELUM – a subsidiary of the EDF Group and a renowned global player specializing in street lighting, traffic management, urban safety and site and monument lighting – and LUCIBEL – an innovative French company offering LED-based lighting products and solutions – have announced the signing of a commercial partnership.

Driven by the technical and commercial synergies between them, the two companies have decided to join forces so as to jointly respond to calls for tenders in the fields of indoor lighting and public lighting based on energy performance and LiFi communication.

Under the terms of the agreement, CITELUM and LUCIBEL have agreed to base their partnership on the design and operation of LED lighting systems that help significantly reduce their customers’ consumption and incorporate new added-value services based on the LUCIBEL group’s expertise in the field of light-based communication.

These light-based communication technologies include VLC (Visible Light Communication) technology, which makes it possible to locate a customer or visitor to a shop or museum with the aim of providing them with suitable context-specific content, and the ‘LiFi by Lucibel’ technology, providing secure light-based Internet access to replace Wi-Fi.

An initial contract won in Montreuil (Paris Region)

The partnership has already achieved its first commercial success. The city of Montreuil (Paris Region) has awarded SATELEC and CITELUM, as part of a group, an energy performance contract notably including the renovation of the city’s lighting systems and a number of new lighting fixtures. As part of the project, LUCIBEL will be examining and supplying certain equipment designed to showcase the buildings selected by the local authority, along with a communication solution based on the LiFi technology.

CITELUM’s CEO Carmen Munoz-Dormoy made the following statement about the signing of the agreement:

“We are delighted to have signed this agreement which will enhance our ecosystem of partners with a promising solution. We aim to have the best technologies at our disposal to best satisfy the needs of our customers. We quickly established a relationship of trust with LUCIBEL which allowed us to work efficiently together and to secure this initial project in Montreuil”.

LUCIBEL founder and CEO Frédéric Granotier made the statement about the signing of the agreement:

“After the agreements signed with Schneider Electric and Nexity, LUCIBEL is delighted to have established this cooperation with CITELUM, as a prestigious new partner with an international presence. I am particularly pleased that CITELUM recognizes the technological advancement that the solutions designed and developed by LUCIBEL represent and understands their commercial potential. Given the strong synergies that exist between our two companies, I am convinced that this agreement will be a great success, as our forthcoming cooperation in the city of Montreuil has already demonstrated”.