Citelum awarded the traffic light system contract of Rome

01 August 2015

Citelum awarded the traffic light system contract of Rome

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, the managing company for urban mobility projects in Rome, recently entrusted the management and maintenance of the traffic light system, variable message signs and access control systems to the group formed by Citelum (authorized representative) and its partners.

The contract includes the replacement of 4,719 filament lamps in the traffic light system with lamps using LED technology, the total restructuring of 35 traffic light controlled crossroads, as well as the overhaul of the IT system.

Indeed, one of the specific features of this contract is the implementation of a new monitoring software for traffic signals. The newly developed application will thus make it possible to integrate all of the pre-existing computer subsystems in the city and regulate urban traffic from a single central post: “Centrale della Mobilità”.

A contract that offers promising prospects

Following on from Milan, Venice, Naples and Florence, the Rome contract has presented Citelum with new opportunities in Italy with regards to traffic light systems, as well as across all of its other services associated with smart lighting.