Citelum committed to electric mobility in India

Signature du partenariat / Partnership signing
19 March 2018

Citelum committed to electric mobility in India

Citelum India alongside EDF International Networks (EDF IN), SOLSTYCE and G2Mobility, has just signed a memorandum to develop an electric vehicle charging point turnkey solution in the Indian territory.

The continued growth of cities and car market in India causes major issues regarding air and noise pollution in the country.

To face these challenges, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to stop the sale of combustion cars around 2030 and to go all electric.

This ambitious project requires the development of a strong electric vehicle charging point network which also takes into account the constraints of the Indian electric network.

To support India towards a sustainable and green mobility, Citelum India, EDF IN, SOLSTYCE and G2Mobility have formed an alliance to conceive a comprehensive charging solution adapted to the Indian market.

Citelum India will oversee the installation, supervision and operation of the charging service.

On their sides, SOLSTYCE will carry out the feasibility studies, EDF IN will check the impact of the stations on the network and their harmonious incorporation and G2Mobility will be in charge of the smart charging management platform.