Citelum committed to savings and safety in Château-Renault

21 April 2017

Citelum committed to savings and safety in Château-Renault

Château-Renault has entrusted Citelum with its 8-year design, installation and maintenance contract for its street and sports facility lighting.

Citelum will ensure the maintenance of the city’s 1,171 lighting points, 48 control cabinets and outdoor lighting of Joseph Renard and Maurice Pintas stadium.

The teams will also replace 880 lighting points with low-consumption LED lights and reach the energetic performance objectives of the contract, that is to say 62% of energy savings.

The city will be able to track results on the platform MUSE®, thanks to which Château-Renault will monitor its lighting infrastructure and identify the best sources of energy savings.

Furthermore, the city has a second challenge regarding its inhabitants’ safety. To improve the visibility of pedestrian crossing near schools and make schoolchildren walks safer, Citelum has designed and will implement an innovative solution based on a new laser lighting.