Citelum connects the city for better air quality

20 September 2017

Citelum connects the city for better air quality

As part of the creation of the AIRLAB, the Airparif laboratory of innovative solutions for air quality, Citelum, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, will be testing a connected urban street furniture prototype that measures mobility in real time.

An active player in the creation of a more sustainable city, Citelum is putting all of its expertise in smart lighting and connected services to work to support Airparif’s policy to improve air quality in the Île-de-France region (suburbs of Paris).

The innovative system draws on urban infrastructure (lighting, traffic lights, cameras, etc.) fitted with next generation image sensors to measure the circulation of the city’s different forms of traffic (vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, etc.).

The data collected is then combined with data from the Airparif air quality surveillance system and processed via the public space management platform MUSE®, developed by Citelum. These results help decision-makers and urban planners to identify corrective actions and to adapt and develop infrastructure and behavior.

With this pilot project, Citelum and its ecosystem of innovative partners in the field of connected networks and objects are aiming to make an active contribution to the environmental and health goals of the Regional Air Quality Plan “Let’s Change Air in Île de France”.

To mark the launch of the AirLab, Carmen Munoz-Dormoy, CEO of Citelum, gave the statement:

“The city of tomorrow is one that is efficient, sustainable and that looks out for its citizens. Citelum is proud to be working alongside all of the AirLab partners to give inhabitants of the Paris region a better quality of life. Creating visibility and transparency and identifying new areas for improvement in local policies are the main goals of our new system.”