Citelum creates a night-time identity in Alcalá de Henares

27 March 2019

Citelum creates a night-time identity in Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares, located in the Community of Madrid, entrusted Citelum with the illumination of one of its most emblematic places and the enhancement of its cultural heritage.

On Cervantes Place, Citelum teams designed various artistic lightings to highlight the distinctive features of each site.

The Eastern wing and the City Hall have been illuminated from top to bottom to illuminate the place more and showcase the facades mounted with moldings. An RGB LED cord has been installed along the City Hall’s balcony and the colors can be synchronized with the new artistic lighting of the music kiosk.

Finally, Miguel de Cervantes’ statue has been illuminated to make it more visible and the lawns are now encircled with a white light.

Furthermore, Citelum created a light path to showcase Alcalá de Henares’ cultural wealth at night.

On the pavement and walls, sentences from the works of famous authors from the city and QR codes are projected. The latter have a special feature: beyond displaying more information on Alcalá de Henares’ history, they also offer audio recordings thus transforming any smartphone or tablet into genuine guides.

Photos credit: ©OjOvivOfoto