Citelum designs Ikonik hotel indoor lighting in Puebla

Ikonik Hotel
14 April 2017

Citelum designs Ikonik hotel indoor lighting in Puebla

The Mexican hotel has selected Citelum to modernize its lighting and thus improving its guests comfort.

In the 69 rooms, 80% of the lighting now uses LED lights.
This innovative and low-consumption technology allows to adapt the lighting color and to create comfortable living spaces for the guests thanks to a smart blend of warm and cold light.

The same lighting was also installed in different parts of the restaurant where the light was subdued to create a unique atmosphere in each: cellar, private lounge, restaurant room and bar.
The lighting effect also enhances each space architectural elements like moldings, stone-walls, stained glasses and local art on tiles.

Part of the renovation works included as well a safety side. A system deactivating circuits through the hotel electronic key was implemented to prevent electric accidents.

Note that the hotel was used as a fort during the battle of May 5th, 1862 when the French army was defeated.