Citelum embellishes Sète safely

12 October 2017

Citelum embellishes Sète safely

Citelum has just illuminated the Pouffre Fountain, in the Léon Blum square, after having renovated the installation in place.

The projectors’ power supply network located in the 3 basins was redesigned to be preserved from potential damages and to protect visitors.

New projectors that will enable the creation of various light scenarios have been installed to liven up the activity around the site and to discreetly blend with the structure of the fountain.

The control cabinet was also modernized to accommodate a DMX control mode and to facilitate the individual management of each projector.

The illumination will be managed through the City Media Lighting platform implemented by Citelum for Sète and thanks to which the city will be able to select various prerecorded scenarios.

Citelum will also oversee the maintenance of the installations and will plan maintenance cycles with the digital platform MUSE®.