Citelum illuminates Santo Antônio Fort

06 October 2017

Citelum illuminates Santo Antônio Fort

Santo Antônio Fort (Saint Anthony) in São Luís in the Maranhão State has joined the list of Citelum’s artistic lighting references.

The illumination project focused on the facade and wall, both from the 17th century and part of the “Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional” (National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage) since 1975.

The teams used LED projectors (RGB and monochromatic) to create a dynamic illumination for the façade (variation of colors) and a static one for the wall, thus enhancing the building that was restored in 2017 and which now houses various sites including a naval museum.

The functional lighting around Santo Antônio Fort (pavement, parking lot and beach) with mast and metal vapor lamps will bring more comfort and safety to the visitors of the site.