Citelum is back in the Santiago Province

10 October 2017

Citelum is back in the Santiago Province

Citelum has just won Maipú’s contract, one of the largest cities in the country.

The city of Maipú located in the Santiago Province, has awarded Citelum a 5-year contract for the operation and maintenance of its street lighting.

Maipú’s network counts 60,000 lighting points, 90% of which are high-pressure sodium lamps. During the first year of the contract, 6,500 lamps will be replaced with LED, a more efficient and low-consuming technology.

The renovation of the lighting points will enable the city to achieve over 40% of energy savings on average, depending on the projects.

These energy savings could help the city launch other modernization projects and implement some new connected services.

With over 550,000 inhabitants and around 1.2 million forecasted in 2020, Maipú is the 2nd largest populated city in Chile, just behind Puente Alto where Citelum is already in charge of maintaining the street lighting.