Cities are choosing Citelum as their street lighting expert

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29 June 2018

Cities are choosing Citelum as their street lighting expert

Since the start of the year, many Brazilian cities have chosen Citelum to manage their lighting to offer their citizen more safety and a better quality of life.

In Macapá, capital of the State of Amapá in the north, Citelum has just won a contract to manage the city 34,386 lighting points as well as modernize its street lighting network. This one-year project will enhance Macapá’s attractiveness, whose lighting consumes a lot of energy.

In the State of Bahia, in the northeast, Citelum teams continue to manage the 96,172 lighting points in Salvador until April 2019.

Moreover in the northeast but in the State of Ceará, Citelum has signed a works contract in Sobral including the replacement of 2,157 traditional lamps with LED lighting in addition to being in charge of the city 24,194 lighting points until February 2019.

Finally, in the southeast, in Poá, located in the State of São Paulo, Citelum has renewed its street lighting management contract with the city. The teams will continue undertake preventive and corrective maintenance of the city 11,230 lighting points to support Poá objectives of continuously improve the quality of its network.


Crédit photo : Márcia do Carmo – MTUR