Electric mobility appeals to the private and public sectors alike

Voiture électrique en charge sur une borne en ville / Electric car charging at a station in the city
21 November 2018

Electric mobility appeals to the private and public sectors alike

After having installed a hundred stations in the Alpes-Maritimes department earlier this year, Citelum and Izivia (formerly Sodetrel) have convinced new clients, from both private and public sectors, inclined to promote a more sustainable mobility.

Citelum and Izivia will install charging points on the European leader in the metalworking industry premises, Nystar, in Auby (North of France). Citelum will connect the stations and implement the appropriate signage while Izivia will oversee the functioning of the IT system and the technical operation.
The new charging points will facilitate the use of electric vehicles for Nystar employees, thus encouraging them to be a part of electric mobility development.

Citelum and Izivia have also won the Syndicat Départemental d’Énergies du Calvados (SDEC) call for tender to manage its park of electric vehicles charging points for 3 years.
The 448 stations located among the 522 municipalities and 16 inter-communal structures, will be maintained by Citelum and supervized by Izivia. Izivia will also be in charge of the charging points’ technical operation notably through the MOBISDEC service.

​Finally, Citelum and Izivia will strengthen the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur electric vehicles charging points’ network for the next 2 years.
As part of the contract, Citelum will modernize the 280 stations from the Auto Bleue network with new generation plugs and will thus make them compatible with all kinds of electric cars. Citelum will also install 73 new stations on the metropolis territory and maintain the whole network. For its part, Izivia will notably update Auto Bleue stations software to connect them to its platform and oversee the operation of the charging points’ network.