Energy efficiency, sustainable lighting and smart services at stake

15 April 2021

The Comunità Montana della Valle Sabbia located in the province of Brescia in the Lombardy region, has awarded Citelum the modernization of public lighting installations for 31 of its municipalities in the valley and the deployment of new smart services.

The 16-year contract provides for the LED renovation of 30,000 light points and the implementation of a whole range of connected services: intelligent and adaptive lighting, remote management, video protection, electrical vehicle charging stations, Wi-Fi access points, variable message information panels, noise and air quality sensors, new e-health services.

The renovation of electrical and lighting infrastructure will ultimately achieve 72% energy savings and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in the order of 4,400 to 4,600 tons of CO2 per year, representing a carbon offset equivalent to the planting of 150 to 155,000 trees.

The project thus has the ambitious objective of offering new light and new energy to an entire region. The sustainable and connected solutions offered by Citelum will also aim to preserve the environmental beauty of a region rich in traditions while improving the quality of life of their citizens.