Hoffman-Madison Waterfront unveils Citelum vibrant lighting for the Francis Case Memorial Bridge

Francis Case Memorial Bridge
18 August 2016

Hoffman-Madison Waterfront unveils Citelum vibrant lighting for the Francis Case Memorial Bridge

The Case Bridge becomes a major visual landmark of the mile-long waterfront neighborhood and of the city’s nighttime landscape.

Washington DC, USA – The night of August 18th marks a new milestone at The Wharf, as Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s commitment to revitalizing the Southwest waterfront comes to life. On August 18th at 9:15pm, the new lighting design of the Francis Case Memorial Bridge (Case Bridge) was inaugurated by Washington DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser. The inaugural lighting gradually unveiled the final design, offering a new perspective on the bridge and the City.

The main objectives of the design-build project were to create a visual experience that supports the renewed activity of the area while blending into Washington D.C.’s nightscape. The final design creates a vibrant visual experience for nighttime visitors and residents and is expected to boost The Wharf’s nighttime activity, setting a precedent in DC’s illumination.

For Herve Orgeas, Lighting Designer at Citelum, “urban planners and developers have started to realize the potential of structures such as bridges, underpasses and tunnels in recent years. They used to be underestimated for their lack of heritage or historic character. According to Orgeas, “the simplicity of these functional elements is what makes them so interesting: a playground for imagination! Lighting them can completely re-define the identity of a neighborhood and even a City.”

Citelum, whose resume includes the lighting of structures such as the London Tower Bridge, the Eiffel Tower and the Mexico City Monumento a la Revolucion, designed a concept based on three principles: aesthetics, innovation and sustainability. The concept was updated through a series of updates to integrate the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and D.C. Department of Transportation (DDOT)’s visions and it was approved in April 2015.
“Hoffman-Madison Waterfront and Citelum worked hand in hand with DDOT prior to installation, to ensure that our implementation methods would be satisfactory for a 20-year lifespan” said Citelum’s Contract Manager Daniel Yannantuono. “Both groups also worked diligently to ensure that it would be universally accepted.

Citelum analyzed over 20 fixture combinations to find the one that would best match the lighting levels and effects of the proposed concept. Over 400 LED lights were installed in order to create the vertical wash that highlights the texture and craftsmanship of the piers’ stonework, and the blue LED line that marks the silhouette of the structure. Citelum installed a programmable, dimmable and flexible system that would provide the right balance of dynamism and subtlety.
For Sean Popp, System Integrator at Citelum, “a job of this magnitude, something that will become so iconic in a city with such a rich history, is one of the greatest accomplishments anyone in our field could achieve. And to be able to see the end product and the enjoyment, the awe in everyone’s faces, is a great feeling of success.”

The new lighting design is based on a scenario that evolves over the hours from Sunset to Sunrise, gradually transitioning from a warmer (sunlight) to colder (moonlight) white light and going back again until the morning hours.

For Citelum, this project is another illustration of the benefits that urban lighting can bring to cities not only in terms of attractiveness, but also social and economic development and sustainability.

More information from Hoffman-Madison Waterfront at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dc-mayor-joins-hoffman-madison-waterfront-for-inaugural-lighting-of-the-francis-case-memorial-bridge-300315238.html