Illumination of Le Havre chimneys

07 February 2017

Illumination of Le Havre chimneys

On 7th February, EDF Group Chief Executive Officer and Le Havre Mayor, Seine-Maritime Congressman, launched the illumination program of Le Havre chimneys.

This project, designed by EDF light experts and implemented by Citelum, will highlight the city of Le Havre, notably during its 500th anniversary celebration “A summer in Le Havre 2017”.

The low consumption LED technology was chosen to create the illuminations.
Indeed, each light program will only consume the equivalent of two washing-machine cycles.

In total, 238 LEDs have been distributed on the two 240 meters high chimneys. They are visible from a distance of up to 50 kilometers and around 360 degrees.

Practical information:
The illumination will be on every evening from sunset to 11pm during the week and midnight on week-ends, according to 2 light scenarios:

  • “The 7 positive energies”, from 7 February to 30 April and during the month of October
  • “Venus and Mars” designed by the artist Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves for Le Havre 500th anniversary, from 27 May to 8 October

Photo credit: Christel Sasso – Capa Pictures