In Italy, Citelum transforms cities into smart cities

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19 July 2018

In Italy, Citelum transforms cities into smart cities

In Cremona in Lombardy, Citelum is installing new connected services to manage the street lighting and achieve additional energy savings.

Since March 2016, Citelum has been renovating and maintaining Cremona street lighting and traffic light systems for a duration of 9 years as part of the “Consip Luce 3” agreement.

Lately and following an initiative led by Citelum and the city, Cremona 12,400 lighting points, recently renovated with LED lights, have been equipped with a “point to point” remote management system.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the lighting points are localized on an interactive map of the city and send real-time information on their power and their energy consumption.

Besides identifying the sources of high consumption, Cremona now remotely controls the light intensity of its lighting points and can either increase or decrease lighting power according to urban spaces sizes and citizens’ needs.

The possibility to quickly regulate the light intensity, notably from a computer, will enable Cremona to achieve even more energy savings compared to the 60% already accomplished with the LED renovation of the street lighting.

At the moment, the connected solution is only being tested in the neighborhood Po outside Cremona. It will progressively be deployed to the rest of the city and will thus crown Cremona the first Italian city with a “point to point” managed street lighting.