Increased savings and attractiveness in Mâcon

07 July 2020

Increased savings and attractiveness in Mâcon

Citelum has just won in grouping with SMEE (Société Maconnaise d’Entreprise Electrique) the renovation, operations and maintenance market (under warranties for renewed equipment) for the street lighting of Mâcon in F​​rance.

The 3-year contract plans to modernize 100% of luminaires with LED lighting and ultimately, achieve 76% energy savings.

A remote management equipment on cabinet will be deployed to remotely manage the public lighting system.All the lighting points will be referenced in MUSE® to enable the monitoring and control the performance commitment for officials and city’s technicians. The versatility of the platform developed by Citégestion will then enable the city to implement new devices if necessary: video protection, urban furniture, parks and gardens, etc.

210 presence detectors on the pedestrian paths located in green and blue belts (an approach to preserve biodiversity for a more respectful urban planning) will contribute to the harmonious coexistence between inhabitants, fauna and flora.

This project also includes a whole section dedicated to public space highlight. To this end, a luminaire will be specifically created for the collectivity by the Noctabene workshop in partnership with the French manufacturer Eclatec in order to meet the dual objective of increasing the attractiveness of the city center and reducing energy consumption in the territory.

Two light trails will be designed to enhance the history of Mâcon and its heritage. The remarkable buildings of the city will benefit from dynamic lighting that can be adapted to needs and events. ​