Innovation at the heart of Citelum

15 February 2021

In Asnières, Citelum teams have installed many innovative solutions to better understand mobility, the different traffic flows and ultimately improve the quality of air in the city.

Thanks to the use of Bosch cameras, Citelum was able to implement its first initiative: differentiated counting.
From March to September 2020, Citelum measured and analyzed mobility in several streets, in particular through the use of MUSE® IoT, the supervision screen developed by Citégestion dedicated to the smart city.
During the test phase, the city has access to a new tool to support it in the conception of mobility projects adapted to the needs and realities. This device also contributed to boost businesses located in the most pedestrianized areas and promote the use of bicycles in the streets that needed it the most by installing dedicated infrastructures.

Citelum tested an artificial intelligence bicycle counting solution with a view to favoring soft mobility such as cycling.
With this technology, more than 90% of cyclists are detected, even when circulating on a lane shared between trucks and cars.
This device, integrated by Citelum and installed on an existing camera, makes it possible to measure the efficiency of policies in favor of soft mobility.

Still in an improvement will of the quality of life and of the environment, Citelum has partnered with AirParif as part of the AirLab project to experiment solutions to improve air quality in Île-de-France.
Citelum installed in the city sensors developed by Clarity and Vaisala to better understand the link between mobility and air quality. Following this experiment, analyzes showed that the concentration of nitrogen dioxide was directly correlated with the number of vehicles passing in a street.
Thanks to this information, elected officials can make, with data in support, targeted decisions to decrease this gas’ concentration and mechanically improve air quality.