Lonato del Garda, an ultra-connected Smart City

Lonato del Garda
02 March 2018

Lonato del Garda, an ultra-connected Smart City

The new smart lighting was designed to incorporate various connected services to answer the city’s double ambition to optimize its energy management and improve its inhabitants’ well-being.

Citelum has modernized with LED Lonato del Garda’s street lighting, in Italy (Lombardy region).
This technology, beyond decreasing the city’s maintenance costs, will contribute to the reduction of its energy expenses and its CO2 emissions of over 60%.

In addition to LED lamps, the lighting points have been equipped with an auto-diagnosis system which warns maintenance teams in the event of a breakdown and with a QR code through which citizens notify functioning issues.
All the lighting points are also remotely managed individually or as a group to adapt the light to the city and inhabitants’ needs.

Moreover, artistic lightings have been designed to enhance the cultural and historical heritage of Lonato del Garda including the Lonato fortress, Saint John Basilica and Saint Anthony Church.

A Smart City for citizens

Citelum has also implemented a full range of connected services to ensure that Lonato is a safe and good place to live for the city’s inhabitants.

CCTV cameras have been installed on the streets and others on main roads to evaluate traffic density and adapt the lighting according to the flows.
At crossroads, lighting points increase their light levels when pedestrians are crossing the street to make them more visible.
Environmental sensors send real-time information to the city so it can improve air quality.
Variable message signs inform Lonato del Garda inhabitants of their city’s events and Wi-Fi hotspots offer them a free and secure network connection.
Finally, a smart parking solution notifies drivers regarding available spots.