Palma goes for Smart City solutions

06 May 2019

Palma goes for Smart City solutions

As part of its 4-year street lighting management contract signed in 2015, the capital of the Balearic Islands community decided to extend Citelum and Comsa Service grouping for an additional year.

Indeed, Palma wishes to implement new connected services to improve its citizens’ quality of life and mobility.

The teams will install noise sensors on Drassanes place lighting points to monitor sounds’ level. As soon as the sensors record a noise above the authorized limit, they will instruct the street lighting to flicker to warn passersby to keep quiet and thus avoid disturbing the neighborhood’s peacefulness. This solution has already proven successful in Sant Cugat, in the province of Barcelona, where Citelum implemented it in various places of the city.

Palma’s lighting will also be used to quickly have an electric vehicle charging solution at the citizens’ disposal in the city’s landmarks. The grouping will install, on 10 lighting points, the charging solution developed by Ubitricity that is directly connected to the street lighting and requires little works.