Perugia becomes a Smart City thanks to Citelum

07 March 2017

Perugia becomes a Smart City thanks to Citelum

Citelum expertise in street lighting and associated Smart services enables the teams to win a beautiful new reference.

During 9 years, Citelum will be in charge of the street and artistic lighting of the city in the region of Umbria.

The teams will renovate 31,075 lighting points with LED lights to illuminate citizens better and reinforce their safety feeling.

Citelum will also implement an array of connected services and support Perugia in its “Smart City” initiative.

In total, 20 CCTV cameras, 4 variable message signs, 4 information signposts and 4 weather stations will be set up in the city.

With 166,550 inhabitants, Perugia is the 23rd biggest city in the country in terms of population.