Smart lighting and connected services adapted to retail needs

meli-cado éclairage / lighting
06 February 2018

Smart lighting and connected services adapted to retail needs

Citelum has just finished the indoor lighting and associated smart services designed and installation works for Meli-Cado, an interior design shop near Dijon.

Before starting the works, the teams defined in cooperation with the store, the zones dedicated to the flow of customers and the spaces to enhance with an accentuation lighting.

Then, they carried out a photometric study on lighting levels required by regulations and a second one on the complete electric distribution of the shop.

Following this step, they installed the cable trays, cables, LED lamps in the aisles and for the product exhibition booths as well as the safety lightings.

For this project, Citelum also designed and conceived the low-voltage distribution panel.
The installation of these equipment and of a home automation system enables the company Meli-Cado to manage the lights from a tablet or from a smartphone.

A safe and connected shop

In addition to this modern, attractive and adjustable lighting, the teams have implemented 2 alarm systems to prevent fire hazards and intrusions.

The safety was also increased thanks to 24 CCTV cameras with a recording system and a dual-screen centralized supervision console.

To improve the atmosphere, the teams have set-up a sound system equipped with amps, speakers and mics that can also be managed remotely.

Before connecting all these services as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot and the store’s IT network, Citelum also completed the low current works.