The city of Puebla, Mexico, chooses Citelum

03 July 2014

The city of Puebla, Mexico, chooses Citelum

Citelum has recently been awarded the contract to renovate and extend the urban lighting system (street and artistic lighting) of the city of Puebla, Mexico.

Spanning 4 years, this functional and environmental optimization project will notably aim to achieve a total energy saving of 45%.

At the end of a consultation process that saw 5 companies submit tenders, Citelum’s proposal meant that it stood out from the rest in economic, technical and operational terms. The signing of this new contract with the City of Puebla, of which Citelum has been a partner since 2008, is recognition both of the group’s comprehensive management model and of the high level of service quality that it provides.

The priorities identified can be divided into two categories.

Promoting the region

The project incorporates the major task of renovating the existing lighting system (15,700 lighting points, accounting for 15% of the total), and efforts to increase the density of the urban network with a view to ensuring equal access to this service for all inhabitants and securing the public space will simultaneously be maintained through the creation of 5,500 new lighting points.

The City also hopes to enhance its appeal by renewing its Christmas lights display.

Optimizing environmental and functional performance

The extension and modernization of existing facilities will be undertaken as a matter of priority using LEDs lamps to help achieve the objective of a 45% energy saving.

Furthermore, Citelum will enable the city to benefit from the Computerized Maintenance Management System MUSE® (CMMS), developed by its subsidiary Citégestion, the use of which will further improve the results obtained in terms of safety, continuity and service quality.

Light fixtures, meanwhile, will benefit from the most advanced of technologies in order to give them a new dimension and create dynamic and event-specific displays.

Puebla (State of Puebla, Mexico)

  • 1,539,819 inhabitants
  • Lighting system: 104,000 lighting points at end of contract
  • Mission: Comprehensive management of the urban lighting system incorporating street lighting, illuminations and light fixtures
  • Duration: 4 years
  • 2013 Christmas lights programme: 5,700 designs