Copenhagen – Denmark

Street lighting renovation, optimization, operation and maintenance
Signed in 2014 for 12 years


  • Be carbon neutral in 2025 notably by reducing its energy bill
  • Reinforce inhabitants’ safety in the public and on the roads
  • Improve mobility
  • Increase its local identity and its attractiveness


  • LED renovation of half of the lighting park under 3 years
  • Remote management of the street lighting with adjustment according to areas, traffic and needs
  • Works maintenance and management with Citégestion’s platform MUSE®, Citelum’s subsidiary
  • Design of a lighting master plan with a choice of 14 lamps including 1 specifically designed for Copenhagen
  • Installation of a lighting adapted to each zone on the roads to increase visibility and quickly spot the different types of areas
  • Minimizing of light pollution and great care of areas identified as “vulnerable” and conservation areas


  • 18,800 lights with LED
  • 55% energy savings compared to the old lighting and 77% on the 18,800 renovated lights
  • 3,200 tons of CO2 emissions reduction per year compared to 2010
  • Improved visibility and safety of road users
  • Respect for nightlife and biodiversity


  • Citelum designs a dynamic lighting and dimming solution near pedestrian crossings known as “Toronto” with Itron and the city of Copenhagen to increase their safety.
  • Citelum is 1 of the 3 companies selected to provide and install traffic light and smart transport systems in the capital and Metroselskabet I/S.
  • Copenhagen’s project won the “Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize – 2018 Green Solutions Awards”.

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