Dijon Métropole

Dijon Métropole – France

Construction of connected control center for the 23 municipalities’ urban equipment via a design, building, operation, and maintenance public contract
Grouping Bouygues Énergies & Services and Citelum with Suez
Signed in 2017 for 12 years


  • Achieve energy savings regarding lighting
  • Connect the 23 municipalities’ urban equipment and centralize their management on a sole center
  • Reinforce citizens’ safety and well-being by quickly managing daily and exceptional events
  • Create new services for citizens financed by the energy savings achieved
  • Increase its economic growth and attract new players from the innovation sector


  • Design, installation and maintenance of the connected control center (CCC) which replaces 6 control centers
  • Event management and CCC users training and support
  • Renovation et securing of the metropolis infrastructures
  • Connection of the 23 municipalities’ urban equipment to the CCC
  • Maintenance and works management with Citégestion’s platform MUSE®, Citelum’s subsidiary


  • 34,000 lights renovated 100% LED
  • 65% energy savings at the end of the contract
  • 113 traffic lights and 180 buses fitted with bus priority systems
  • 205 geolocated vehicles and 130 equipped with radios communication sets
  •  Over 140 km of fiber optics cables installed
  • 180 buildings including 13 renovated operated in safety and security and connected to the CCC
  • 26 retractable access points and 269 CCTV cameras renewed


  • OnDijon is a unique Smart metropolis project in France
  • To favor innovation and create new services, the metropolis city facilitates access to digital data while maintaining its management at all times to guarantee the inhabitants the protection of their personal data. Through this project, Dijon Métropole will contribute to the emergence of truly local data governance.

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