Lonato del Garda

Lonato del Garda – Italy

Lighting renovation and Smart City services
Signed in 2016 for 9 years


  • Optimize its energy management
  • Reduce its CO2 emissions
  • Develop mobility
  • Reinforce the public space safety and attractiveness
  • Improve inhabitants’ comfort


  • Renovation of the street lighting
  • Incorporation of a point to point remote management system using radio waves in the lights
  • Implementation of a steering system towards available parking spots
  • Addition of a call button and a presence sensor at a pedestrian crossing
  • Installation of a latest generation environmental sensor, 3 Wi-Fi hot-spots and 4 variable message signs


  • 3,445 lights renovated with LED
  • Reduction of 69% of the energy bill and CO2 emissions
  • Increased visibility at pedestrian crossings and improved mobility
  • Reinforcement of safety thanks to CCTV cameras
  • Better communication on city’s events and air quality


  • The renovated lights are equipped with a self-diagnostic system that warns maintenance teams in the event of a shortage. QR codes are also stuck on the masts so that citizens can quickly notify any dysfunction regarding the lighting.
  • Citelum’s teams designed and installed the illuminations of Lonato del Garda fortress, Saint John Basilica and Saint Anthony Church.

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