Sant Cugat

Sant Cugat – Spain

Street lighting and traffic equipment operation and maintenance, implementation of Smart City services
Signed in 2012 for 12 years


  • Upgrade the street lighting and optimize its management
  • Reduce the energy consumption and light pollution
  • Improve urban mobility and control access
  • Reinforce road users safety and in the public space
  • Turn into a Smart City and look after its inhabitants


  • Extension of the lighting parc and replacement of lamps
  • Installation of a remote management system and ballast units in the cabinets
  • Management of traffic light systems and installation of traffic regulation devices
  •  Maintenance works planning and follow-up with Citégestion’s platform MUSE®, Citelum’s subsidiary


  • 19,000 lights managed
  • 30% of energy savings 3 years into the contract
  • Urban Management Center: 22 employees, 25 street access bollards, 43 traffic control cameras, 43 vehicles flow sensors
  • 25 CCTV cameras to monitor access points


  • Citelum installed noise sensors connected to the lighting on many places in. As soon as noises in the street go beyond the authorized limit, the lights start flickering to warn passerby and encourage them to be quieter.

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