Wallonia – Belgium

Design, modernization, financing, management and maintenance of public lighting installations on main roads and motorways in the Walloon region – “Plan Lumières 4.0” (Lighting Plan 4.0)
LuWa Consortium: Citelum (authorized representative), Luminus, CFE and DIF
Signed in 2019 for 20 years (Public-Private Partnership)


  • Reduce the lighting on roads and motorways energy consumption
  • Optimize, automate and centralize traffic
  • Secure the flow for drivers and teams operating the network
  • Turn Walloon motorways into Europe’s first smart motorways, ready to welcome self-driving vehicles
  • Increase the region attractiveness
  • Preserve the territory’s biodiversity


  • LED renovation of 100,000 lights on the 2,700 km network (including 400 km of interchanges)
  • Installation of sensors (presence, Bluetooth), doppler technology, cameras and remote management systems
  • Lighting remotely managed via the new PEREX center
  • Design of an IoT app based on Citégestion’s platform MUSE®, Citelum’ subsidiary, to manage equipment functioning and measure their energy consumption
  • Lighting adapted to fauna and flora’s night cycles


  • 76% energy savings at the end of the contract
  • 166,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided during the contract
  • Smart management of lighting which adjusts its level according to situations: vehicle driving in the wrong way, works, weather, accidents…
  • Equipment functioning rate > 99%
  • Preservation of NATURA 2000 areas, fauna and flora
  • 400 new jobs created, 100,000 hours of training


  • The lighting renovation will be executed during the 4 first years of the contract and the overall works will be carried out mainly at nighttime to minimize impact on traffic.

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