Create wonderment and stay in people’s mind

Light turns a location into a warm and welcoming place.
People who are in closed quarters or outside will feel more at ease in a well-lit space, spend more time there and be wishing to go back.

Light also provides numerous possibilities to enhance the distinctive features of a place or building and showcase them to everyone. Dynamic scenarios are designed to enliven cities, industries and companies’ life and celebrate their history and events.

But beyond making a neighborhood or building brighter, an adapted lighting reduces energy savings and enables cities, companies and industries to reinvest those savings in new services and boost their attractiveness.

Provide optimum living and working conditions

The attractiveness of a city or a place is also due to the solutions in use to continuously improve people’s daily personal and working lives.

People are indeed looking for things that make their lives’ comfortable including parking spots available quickly, safe places and maintained infrastructures.

If they are happy, they promote their city and company and encourage other people to join them. Districts are visited again, businesses are flourishing and new companies can settle in in the future.

Taking into account air quality, promoting mobility and an optimized traffic management will also contribute to create better living conditions for all.


Our references

Mexico City

Mexico City


From its lighting master plan, Citelum renovated the lighting in various districts in Mexico City to create an identity for each of them. The teams also illuminated emblematic places and monuments to enhance their unique features.

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