Sustainable development

Lighting and mobility to reduce CO2 emissions

Companies, industries and cities are key players in the fight against climate change and are nowadays looking for solutions to reduce their impact on the planet and improve their employees and citizens quality of life.

Lighting can be an excellent entryway towards a more sustainable modus operandi. Its renovation leads to a reduction in equipment consumption and, therefore, in energy expenditures.
It also enables to lower CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and thus a better air quality.

Mobility also has a part to play to restrict air pollution so that people can breathe better. Traffic management systems and smart parking solutions will ease mobility and reduce CO2 emissions. As for electric cars that have no impact on air quality, they also do not make any noise and provide more enjoyable commutes for drivers and pedestrians.

Tangible actions to fight against climate change

Beyond making cities, companies and industries more sustainable, Citelum is actively committed to fight against climate change and acts accordingly to preserve the environment.

Citelum’s teams, aware of the consequences their actions can have on the planet, use sustainable materials on the field that can be recycled.

They favor travelling with electric cars to carry out their interventions. For commutes that are longer, a system to counterbalance CO2 emissions including tree plantation has been set up with Reforest’Action.

Citelum is ISO 14001 certified and is keen to involve local communities in its actions for the environment by organizing conferences and taking part in its clients’ sustainable initiatives.


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The LuWa consortium renovates 100,000 lights with LED on 2,700 km of Walloon roads and motorways and adapts the lighting so as to not disturb the nocturnal cycles of the fauna and flora. 76% energy savings are expected by the end of the contract.

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